5 Signs it is Time to Replace the Locks on your Home

have your locks inspected and upgaded to reduce break in risks

Even though you may not think much about the locks in your home, they are vital to the security of your home, family, and belongings. A quality lock will last for a long time but every now and then they will need to be replaced. Here are some common situations that should cause you to consider replacing the locks in your home.

1. Moving Into a New Home

If you have just relocated into a new house, you will feel more secure if you change your locks. Even if the property manager claims that all the locks were changed recently, do not buy that claim. You do not know who may have had his or her hands on them. Having a professional locksmith to replace the locks will not cost much but it will provide you with a peace of mind knowing that nobody has a key to your home that shouldn’t.

2. Evictions and Breakups

If you have just kicked a tenant out of your rental property, changing the locks is a good ides. If you have recently ended a relationship and your former partner had a key you should also change out the locks to keep your property safe.

3. Firing a Home Based Employee

There comes a time when you have to fire your nanny, babysitter, or a cleaner. In those situations tempers can flair and employees have been know to damage property, commit theft, and in extreme cases cause harm to their former employer.

4. Your Locks are Hard to Open or Visibly Damaged

Periodically you should take the time to do a walk around of your home and property and look for locks that appear to be worn, rusted, or are difficult to open or close. If you don’t have the time, many residential locksmiths offer inspection services that can help in identifying issues with your homes security. Either way, locks are too important to not inspect so come up with a schedule of checks and stick to it.

5. Your Locks are “Builder Basics”

When contractors build out a new home they often use the cheapest locks available. While these locks work, they do not offer the same tampering security as upgraded lock sets. If you have valuable property, live in a higher crime area, or just want to be extra secure, you should discuss the various types of locks with a qualified locksmith so that you can find the best solution for your home.

If you are not sure if your locks are up to the job, get in touch with us today to schedule an inspection.