Car Lock Issues? Don’t Go it Alone!

ignition rekeying servicesSave the frustration and call a professional!

Whether you are locked out of your car or looking to install a transponder key system, professional help is always around to assist you in a timely manner. Instead of trying yourself and potentially causing more damage, give us a call and we would be happy to assist you.

If you are convinced that DIY is the best way to go, take a moment to consider the following before you get started!

Time is Money. Trying to figure out a vehicle locking system is both tedious and time-consuming. Allowing a professional automotive locksmith to do the job will save you a lot of time and if you happen to break something your efforts may end up costing your more! Nothing worse than wasting a day and still having to pay to get it fixed.

Get It Right the First Time. You can trust a technician with his state of the art equipment and gadgets to look into the problem and immediately fix it. No trial and error here and no second guessing. You will safely get back on the road without causing any damage to your vehicles delicate security and ignition systems.

It Might be Covered. Professionals and expert help always pride themselves in giving out the best customer service possible. Most likely covered with a guarantee, you will have that assurance of continued after-sale service should you find yourself having an issue with your locks or ignition system.

If you still want to give it a try, we wish you the best of luck. If hiring a professional locksmith sounds like a better idea, give us a call and we would be happy to help.

Commercial and Residential Building Access

In today’s world, security is extremely important! It is important to protect access to your business and its assets. It is important to protect your intellectual property, the diagrams and hard files of which may be in specific locations within your building. For these reasons, it is necessary to have a state-of-the-art access control system. The benefits of access control to your business or organization are these:

  • Assign access rights to your premises by person, location, and time
  • Create your own access control policies
  • Protect personnel, guests, and assets
  • Raise awareness of security within your organization

Access control allows you to continually monitor your building. You can know where your employees are at all times. You can receive custom reports regarding who entered where and when. You want to prevent unauthorized access of certain areas by certain employees.

There are different access control systems that use different parameters to allow access. For example, a swipe card controlled system is easier to manipulate. One employee may allow another employee to temporarily use his or her swipe card. A bio-metrics system is more difficult to break, as either a thumb print or iris scan is unique to each individual.

It is important to consider which doors you need to be protected by an access control system. It is not necessary to have every door access controlled. It is a system that must be created with thought and planning considering your objectives as to why and where you need access control. The experts at Boulder Mobile Locksmiths can help you with planning and implementing your ideal system.

If you are considering an access control system, contact us today. We can not only explain the different types of systems so you can find the one that will best suit your needs but being expert commercial locksmiths as well we understand all aspects of your doors and their security so we are uniquely positioned to provide you with the ultimate level of security and at a reasonable cost.