Car Lock Issues? Don’t Go it Alone!

ignition rekeying servicesSave the frustration and call a professional!

Whether you are locked out of your car or looking to install a transponder key system, professional help is always around to assist you in a timely manner. Instead of trying yourself and potentially causing more damage, give us a call and we would be happy to assist you.

If you are convinced that DIY is the best way to go, take a moment to consider the following before you get started!

Time is Money. Trying to figure out a vehicle locking system is both tedious and time-consuming. Allowing a professional automotive locksmith to do the job will save you a lot of time and if you happen to break something your efforts may end up costing your more! Nothing worse than wasting a day and still having to pay to get it fixed.

Get It Right the First Time. You can trust a technician with his state of the art equipment and gadgets to look into the problem and immediately fix it. No trial and error here and no second guessing. You will safely get back on the road without causing any damage to your vehicles delicate security and ignition systems.

It Might be Covered. Professionals and expert help always pride themselves in giving out the best customer service possible. Most likely covered with a guarantee, you will have that assurance of continued after-sale service should you find yourself having an issue with your locks or ignition system.

If you still want to give it a try, we wish you the best of luck. If hiring a professional locksmith sounds like a better idea, give us a call and we would be happy to help.

Commercial and Residential Building Access

In today’s world, security is extremely important! It is important to protect access to your business and its assets. It is important to protect your intellectual property, the diagrams and hard files of which may be in specific locations within your building. For these reasons, it is necessary to have a state-of-the-art access control system. The benefits of access control to your business or organization are these:

  • Assign access rights to your premises by person, location, and time
  • Create your own access control policies
  • Protect personnel, guests, and assets
  • Raise awareness of security within your organization

Access control allows you to continually monitor your building. You can know where your employees are at all times. You can receive custom reports regarding who entered where and when. You want to prevent unauthorized access of certain areas by certain employees.

There are different access control systems that use different parameters to allow access. For example, a swipe card controlled system is easier to manipulate. One employee may allow another employee to temporarily use his or her swipe card. A bio-metrics system is more difficult to break, as either a thumb print or iris scan is unique to each individual.

It is important to consider which doors you need to be protected by an access control system. It is not necessary to have every door access controlled. It is a system that must be created with thought and planning considering your objectives as to why and where you need access control. The experts at Boulder Mobile Locksmiths can help you with planning and implementing your ideal system.

If you are considering an access control system, contact us today. We can not only explain the different types of systems so you can find the one that will best suit your needs but being expert commercial locksmiths as well we understand all aspects of your doors and their security so we are uniquely positioned to provide you with the ultimate level of security and at a reasonable cost.

What to Expect from Lockout Service

Locked Out Rescue

Have you ever been locked out?

Locked Out Rescue New Westminster

Happy C&K client after one of our professional locksmiths, have unlocked her door.

Left your keys in the car or had them stolen while you were out, only to arrive home and find yourself standing at the front door with no way in? It’s an awful feeling. But what is worse is being locked out and not knowing what to do. But never fear, C&K is here!

C&K Locksmiths is the locked out Westminster specialist. No other locksmith is more experienced with emergency lockouts than us. We specialize in late night lockouts, opening locked doors, and any other door lock emergency.

We’ve seen people get locked out in many different ways. Someone is always experiencing a lost key scenario, or maybe the lock broke or the keys no longer work. Many people lock their keys inside their car. I’ve even opened a door that was locked by the tenant’s pet cat. Regardless of how you got locked out, the best thing you can do to get back into your locked home is to call us.

What to expect from C&K LocksmithsWestminster:

Expect an over the phone estimate. The final price should rarely differ from the original quote. There has been a bad history of locksmiths overcharging their customers who are in an emergency situation.

Your Locksmith should show up prepared and on time. This means that your technician is wearing company uniform and is fully equipped for anything your locked door can throw at him. A fully trained locksmith should be able to do any kind of work at all times.

Expect quite, courteous and perfect service. The relationship you develop with your locksmith is that of trust. New

When your locked out, it can feel like an emergency situation. All the more reason to make an informed decision at this time. Trust C&K Locksmiths Westminster with your locked door problems. 720-518-6611



Ever wondered how fast it takes to break into the world’s most secure safe? Surprisingly, there are international competitions and conventions dedicated to lockpicking! They have mastered the lock picking craft and now compete with fellow locksport enthusiasts using the latest designs from security companies. Locksport enthusiasts love the thrill of understanding how locking mechanisms work. This niche community doesn’t just consist of locksmiths though, they are a group of puzzle lovers who get a curious thrill when they can pick a lock in record time!

This hobby is a fairly recent discovery. The earliest group of locksport enthusiasts is a German club founded in 1997 and they still operate today! Since then, the hobby has expanded to the Netherlands, United States, and beyond. The German club, SSDeV still holds a popular contest each year. Contests are held in the United States at the Defcon, a popular hacker competition, in Las Vegas where various contests are held every year.

Unfortunately, there have not been conventions or tournaments hosted for the specific purpose of practicing locksport.

Locksport contests consist of several events. One may be picking for the fasts time, or competing to unlock a series of padlocks before their adversary. There are also blind lock picking contests where a set of locks and tools are put into a burlap sack and the contestant must pick the lock without looking. There are also competitions to disassemble and reassemble locks properly.

Usually, lockpicking is associated with criminal activity. The locksport community adheres to a very strict set of rules about where and what locks they work on. Lockpicking enthusiasts make it clear to people inside and out of their community that they operate within ethical boundaries.

  • Do not pick a lock that is in use
  • Do not use lockpicking knowledge for unlawful activity
  • You must conduct your locksporting activities with respect, integrity and professionalism

Groups who meet regularly to enjoy locksport uphold a very strict policy for immoral lock picking and unlawful entry. These lock picking hobbyists take their craft very seriously and won’t have anyone tainting the sanctity of locksport.

There are several resources for joining a locksport club including lock picking forums, guides and even local chapters! If you’re intrigued by the sport of picking locks and solving mechanical puzzles, the Locksport International site for more information.

How to Become a Locksmith

locksmith-keysLocksmithing is a time-old trade that keeps alive the art of physical security devices. What people don’t know is that being a locksmith is more than just duplicating keys and unlocking vehicles. Security technology is always changing and locksmiths have to stay up to date on these advancements to keep business booming. If you’re thinking about becoming a locksmith, you’ll want to receive all the proper training necessary to start a reputable business.

All locksmiths go through formal training program. These programs can be taken at vocational schools, community colleges, or state locksmith associations. During training, students learn how to use the tools they need to repair and pick locks and other basic skills. They will learn how locks work and how to tell whether or not the locking system is secure. Training courses may also include business and legal training in the locksmithing field.

Aside from formal training, one can enter into an apprenticeship with an experienced locksmith. This could take anywhere from 3 months to 4 years depending on the desired field one would like to work in. The more one learns during locksmithing training, the more services they will be able to offer, and in turn will generate more business. It is in the best interest of the aspiring locksmith to learn as much as they can.

Work experience is a very important part of obtaining your license and a requirement of the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA). Most states require locksmiths to work full-time for 1 year at a licensed business. Any aspiring locksmith can find a local accredited locksmith or work for the business that they completed their apprenticeship with.

Most states are requiring that locksmiths obtain a license to ensure the standards of the business as well as the safety of consumers. To get a locksmithing license, you must submit an application and pass a background check.

It is also advised that locksmiths earn professional certification through the ALOA. These certificates are offered at varying levels, including Registered Locksmith, Certified Registered Locksmith, Certified Professional Locksmith, and Certified Master Locksmith. there are exams for each level of certification that test the skill and knowledge of the applicant at various locksmithing stages. After a locksmith has become certified, they may want to continue their education through courses or other training to expand and stay up to date with their services.

Which Lock for Which Door

home-locksIf you’re a new homeowner, you’re probably looking to spruce up your space and update the door locks throughout your home. If you’re having trouble figuring out what is the best lock for the different kinds of doors in your house, look no further! We have a comprehensive guide to make sure you know which locks are installed for every door.


Deadbolt Lock

This lock is the most popular main entry door lock. It provides maximum security on any
door it is attached to because there are no springs that operate the bolt. The lock firmly bolts the door to the frame, making it more difficult to pry the door open. There are two kinds of dead bolt locks, the single and double-cylinder deadbolt. A single-cylinder has a turn button on the inside of the door and can be unlocked with a key on the outside. You’ll want to invest in this lock if you have a solid metal or wood door. Double-cylinder deadbolt locks use a key on both sides of the door. The double-cylinder deadbolt is potentially dangerous, as someone without a key could be trapped inside the house during an emergency. Most building codes permit only single-cylinder deadbolts.


Surface-Mounted Deadbolt

Another type of deadbolt operates slightly different than the single or double-cylinder lock. The surface-mounted deadbolt consists of two external mechanisms mounted onto both the door and the frame. Like a single-cylinder deadbolt though, it is operated with a turn knob on the inside and a key on the outside. This may be useful in an apartment building where you may not be able to install extra locks in the door, as per your landlord.


Entry Lockset

This locking system can be unlocked and locked from both sides of the door. Some entry locks need a key for both sides, and others you only need a key for the outside. The inside is locked with a push button. This is a medium security door but may still be advantageous for homes that contain rooms at risk for small children, such as basements or attics.


Privacy Lockset

Privacy locks are meant for interior doors and with a lock button inside but no unlocking device from the outside. These locks can be installed with either a lever or a knob and have a simple way of entry in the event of an emergency. The lock could be opened from the outside, inserting a probe through a small hole on the outside knob and turning or pressing on the locking mechanism.