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Ignition Swith Replacement Westminster

Why Won’t My Car Start?

A faulty ignition switch could be the reason that your car is not starting. One of the most common items that people will try when they car won’t start is to replace the car battery, but that will not solve the issue with a faulty ignition switch.

When your car isn’t starting because of an issue with the ignition switch, there is power being disrupted when the key is being turned. There is an energy flow, however, it is being directed improperly. To solve this issue, you would need to consider getting your ignition switch replaced.

How Do I Know I Need to Replace my Ignition Switch?

When someone comes across an ignition switch issue, it can always mask itself as another problem with your vehicle. When it is an ignition issue with your vehicle, your car will still crank, but the ignition won’t start.

There is also sometimes that the ignition won’t crank at all, which means there will be no sign that the car is attempting to start at all. What is wrong in this case is that you are missing the ignition spark. If the switch can’t be repaired then your car will need a full ignition switch replacement.

Can I Just Get my Ignition Switch Repaired?

Sometimes repairs to your ignition switch isn’t a straightforward process. There is a piece that can be replaced or a wire that can be repaired, but it doesn’t always solve the issue and you can end up with the same issue down the road. There could be a problem with your ignition switch that may not be able to be detected.

The main issue comes to the cost and availability of the part that is needed to fix the ignition switch. Your locksmith will be able to tell you when it makes more sense to choose an ignition switch replacement over a repair.

How Long Does it Take to Replace The Ignition Switch?

A full replacement of an ignition switch can take about 20 minutes. The time that it can take to replace an ignition switch can also depend on how the complexity of the car’s ignition covers. A professional locksmith will also ensure that there is no damage to any part of the ignition covers, stripping screws, wires, etc. during the process

Can a Locksmith Replace my Ignition Switch?

Yes, locksmiths are fully equipped and trained to repair or replace ignition switches. Ignition switches vary between car models, if it is a specialty part that the locksmith doesn’t have on hand, the parts will have to be gathered from another location.

Do I Need to Take my Car to The Locksmith?

No, the remarkable thing about calling a locksmith to replace your ignition switch is that they will come to you. There are many other emergency locksmith services that we provide as well, all of which are mobile locksmith services.

Rather than having your car towed, and a mechanic looks over your car, you can save money by having us come to you! All you will need to do is provide C&K Locksmiths with the necessary information about your car. With details about your vehicle we can supply our locksmith with the equipment that will fit your car, so we are able to fix the issue upon arrival.

The more common your car is, the better chance you will have a quick turnaround time to complete the task. If you have an uncommon/specialty car, we may need to search for or order the piece to fix the issue.

Why Should I Use a Locksmith to Change my Ignition Switch?

It may seem that an issue like ignition switches should be seen by a mechanic. An ignition switch is actually an issue with your lock, so the best bet for a more reasonably prices procedure is to call your local locksmith.

Mechanics rarely have mobile services like out mobile locksmith services so you’re saving the price of getting your car towed to see a mechanic.

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