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Professional Re-keying

To rekey or not to rekey: That is the question for many homes and business owners in a variety of day-to-day situations. Whether you are moving into a previously owned space, acquiring a newly built property or have simply lost your keys, maintaining or upgrading your security measures will typically be your primary concern. This is where professional re-keying comes in.

If you are looking for a qualified expert to assist you with rekeying in Westminster or surrounding areas, the team from C & K Locksmith is only one call away!

Residential or Commercial Property

When a residential or commercial property changes owners, it is not uncommon for the new owners to request a complete replacement of the existing lock. Although this may seem like an excellent way to restrict access to unwelcome visitors, oftentimes replacing your locks is not necessary: In fact, owners of private homes and small businesses are particularly prone to unknowingly removing high-security locking systems and replacing them with less expensive yet less secure locks.

Re-keying is a simple process by which the locking mechanism is replaced with the existing hardware, providing the owner with a brand-new key. Not only does rekeying enhance the security on any given property, but it also provides the convenience of using a single key for all exterior locks, thereby preventing loss. Moreover, re-keying eliminates the labor and expense required for a complete replacement.

Placing Your Mind at Ease

As part of your re-keying process, our experienced locksmiths perform a meticulous inspection of the lock to assess its installation quality and a variety of other potential problems. Once we have determined that replacing the key is indeed the ideal solution, we install a locking mechanism that fits seamlessly into your lock cylinder. We are committed to placing your mind at ease regarding the security and operation of your new keys.

Why spend time pondering the best course of action regarding your locks when you have C & K Locksmith by your side? When you need to speak with the leading specialist in re-keying from Westminster, CO, please do not hesitate to call 720-518-6611 for a detailed consultation and estimate from a member of our team.

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