Which Lock for Which Door

home-locksIf you’re a new homeowner, you’re probably looking to spruce up your space and update the door locks throughout your home. If you’re having trouble figuring out what is the best lock for the different kinds of doors in your house, look no further! We have a comprehensive guide to make sure you know which locks are installed for every door.


Deadbolt Lock

This lock is the most popular main entry door lock. It provides maximum security on any
door it is attached to because there are no springs that operate the bolt. The lock firmly bolts the door to the frame, making it more difficult to pry the door open. There are two kinds of dead bolt locks, the single and double-cylinder deadbolt. A single-cylinder has a turn button on the inside of the door and can be unlocked with a key on the outside. You’ll want to invest in this lock if you have a solid metal or wood door. Double-cylinder deadbolt locks use a key on both sides of the door. The double-cylinder deadbolt is potentially dangerous, as someone without a key could be trapped inside the house during an emergency. Most building codes permit only single-cylinder deadbolts.


Surface-Mounted Deadbolt

Another type of deadbolt operates slightly different than the single or double-cylinder lock. The surface-mounted deadbolt consists of two external mechanisms mounted onto both the door and the frame. Like a single-cylinder deadbolt though, it is operated with a turn knob on the inside and a key on the outside. This may be useful in an apartment building where you may not be able to install extra locks in the door, as per your landlord.


Entry Lockset

This locking system can be unlocked and locked from both sides of the door. Some entry locks need a key for both sides, and others you only need a key for the outside. The inside is locked with a push button. This is a medium security door but may still be advantageous for homes that contain rooms at risk for small children, such as basements or attics.


Privacy Lockset

Privacy locks are meant for interior doors and with a lock button inside but no unlocking device from the outside. These locks can be installed with either a lever or a knob and have a simple way of entry in the event of an emergency. The lock could be opened from the outside, inserting a probe through a small hole on the outside knob and turning or pressing on the locking mechanism.